Joomla MySQL Auth

This is an extension with a component and a module for Authenticate users right from a mysql usertable. All informations about the database (hostname, databasename etc) can be configured in admin. The Query to get the user information is also to be set in the admin backend. This was tested to authenticate phpBB users and drupal users. And should work with others as well.

Every user who logs in is registered automatically to your Joomla user table. And if they change password in the remote site, their password will be updated when they log back in joomla. (So the username and password are always synchronized)

UPDATE 1-Sept-2006

  • Some of you said that the users are not shown in list as joomla users. It seems the users are in the database but since they dont’ have names they are not shown in the Administration panel.
    So please use the name field in the SQL Query to make it work well

UPDATE 7-sept-2006:
Sorry that the example I put here had an error. I forgot a ‘

This is the right example.

eg. SELECT name_field_in_my_table AS name, username_field_in_my_table AS username, email_field_in_my_table AS email FROM my_table WHERE username_field_in_my_table=’%{user}’ AND password_field_in_my_table=md5(’%{pass}’)

UPDATE 20-June-2007

  • This version is for Joomla 1.0.x >= 1.0.12
  • Fixing some session issues in Joomla 1.0.12
  • Using josSpoofCheck (that’s why it wont’ work with Joomla < 1.0.12)


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